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Honorary Psychology Assistants

Amber Johnson

Amber is an undergraduate Psychology student at the University of Gloucestershire. She aims to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on developmental disabilities. She is volunteering as a Crisis Counsellor at Shout, a Helpline Strategy Manager for Teenage Helpline and a Research Assistant studying social participation in action, among multiple other work and volunteering experiences. She is currently assisting Dr Shungu with research on the Six Stages Conceptual Framework for Understanding and Dealing with Racism. Amber aims to pursue postgraduate study within the area of Clinical Psychology upon completion of her undergraduate degree. 


Marie Odhiambo

I am a fourth year student at the University of Toronto Mississauga, currently undertaking an Honours bachelor’s degree, with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. I am excited to be a part of a research team that seeks to apply the 6 Stages Framework to school curriculums, with the goal of integrating diversity and inclusion at all stages of education. As an international student, I believe that inclusivity and cultural awareness are integral parts of successful human interaction. Therefore, being able to use this framework to increase understandings of these concepts in different educational settings is of particular interest to me. Additionally, I am passionate about mental health, as well as breaking down cultural and social barriers to receiving psychological/mental health care. I am expecting to graduate in June, and hope to continue my studies in Psychology, with the ultimate goal of becoming a qualified clinical psychologist.

Jasmine Jordan 


Jasmine is a second-year psychology student at the University of Gloucestershire. She is hoping to go into the clinical or health sector as a psychologist. Jasmine is interested in a variety of areas, with a main focus on wellbeing and mental health. However, Jasmine is also interested in more obscure areas such as genocide studies, victimisation, crimes against humanity, sexual violence and other violent behaviour. She has an interest in qualitative research with an idealist / social constructionist ontology and phenomenological epistemology. Jasmine has helped and is currently helping on other research projects to do with child sexual abuse, PTSD in key workers and body image. She also volunteers for Teenage Helpline as the Senior Subject Analyst, is a Crisis Volunteer with Shout, is the President and Co-founder of the Psychology Society and is the founder her own psychology blog, The Psychology Nerd.