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Everyone is talking about the Six Stages Framework!

The word is spreading about the Six Stages Framework. More and more people are talking about it! Read more here for the evidence.

72 people have signed onto the next free Eventbrite seminar : In what ways do we discriminate? Inclusion Discrimination Profiles. It’s on 2nd November at 7pm BST.

Why not come and join us, we have some great discussions. When people register for the event I ask them how they heard about the seminar and it’s amazing how the word is spreading about Six Stages Framework and more people are hearing about it through friends and colleagues and social media. It’s also being recommended on various organisational and university websites!

These seminars attract people of all colours and ethnicities, from all over the world with the highest numbers being from Canada, USA and UK. They attract all types of people and professionals at all levels including DEI/ EDI consultants.

Don’t miss out on these life changing conversations.

Picture below is that of my book being presented by my publisher Maria Carter BSc MSc (CIEP Advanced Professional) at the Frankfurt book fair.

I now have 148 followers on Eventbrite a sign that people are loving and getting value from the seminars and are telling their friends and colleagues about it. 🎉

Check out my websites:

Check out my book

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