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We don't always choose our leaders.

Listen to "Leadership comes in all forms_ negative and positive. We don't always choose our leaders!".

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Join us as we introduce Stage +6 and Stage -6 of the Six Stages Framework.

Stage + 6: Leadership qualities

Ability to take on a leadership role in promoting racial equity and social justice. Joining with others for the greater good and for the sake of Humanity.

Stage – 6: Extremists/leadership

Strong racist views and works to champion them to others and recruit others to join them.

People on Stage 6 exhibit leadership qualities- this can be either positive or negative depending on whether they are on the positive or negative axis.

As Sally Casterton says "We do not always choose our leaders, especially as children."

This episode explores the positive impact of leaders at Stage +6 as well as the devastating impact of leaders on Stage -6 whether that be within the home, school, workplace or community.


Do you know someone who is at Stage 6 and if so is that +6 or -6? How do you know what behaviours do they exhibit, what do they say?

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