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Dr Shungu M'gadzah


Shungu has worked with a wide range of Local Authorities and Schools (e.g. Slough, Waltham Forest, Newham, Norfolk, Bromley, Surrey, Lincolnshire County Council and Camden), as well as Children’s Services and Health Services in the UK, Latvia, USA, Australia (Western Australia School Psychology Service and Education Department) and Finland. 

Shungu was one of the pioneers in developing training for Local Authorities and other agencies (including educational psychologists, social workers and health professionals) in the area of emotional literacy and emotional intelligence to promote emotional well being and mental health and has worked as an education manager for an independent care provider for Looked After Children and Young People; working closely with social care managers and leading the education provision across the Company’s schools.


Shungu later joined Surrey County Council working first as an senior educational psychologist then senior educational psychologist and then as an and was Area Lead for Psychology & Assessment, leading and managing teams of educational psychologists, special educational needs and portage. 

Shungu has extensive experience in selection, recruitment and change management and has worked as a an Special Educational Needs and Disability expert supporting Local School Improvement teams and Higher Education Accreditation of MSc and Doctorate level Courses. More recently she has worked for the London Borough of Bexley as Principal Educational Psychologist/ Strategic Manager for Early Intervention & Specialist Teachers.

Shungu is a long standing member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and has held senior office in the profession of educational psychology. 

Shungu has Board level experience both within the British Psychological Society and the Division of Educational and Child Psychologists (DECP), and the International School Psychology Association (ISPA). She was the first black Chair of the Division of Educational and Child Psychologists (DECP) Committee and was also previously Chair of the Association of Black Psychologists and has been co- opted onto several Boards to foster greater inclusivity.. She also served on the British Psychological (BPS) Press Committee ISPA Leadership Committee. 

Shungu is Director & Lead Consultant at Inclusion Psychologists Limited. The Company provides support and training for Charities and other organisations to become more inclusive. As a result, organisations are supported to explore the current challenges and barriers they face in being more inclusive and to find solutions to take that next step towards greater inclusivity.


Shungu completed her professional doctorate at the University of East London in 2011 on emotional intelligence ‘Exploring the experiences of recently qualified educational psychologists in the area of emotional intelligence and applications in practice: an interpretative phenomenological analysis.’ The full unpublished thesis is available at


Shungu has recently published evidence in the Government’s Green Paper on Children and young people’s mental health. Evidence to Children and Young People's mental health- the role of education Health: Number 51 Dr Shungu Hilda M’gadzah (CMH0094)

"Understanding and Dealing with Everyday Racism: The Six Stages Framework" is a book authorised by Shungu which  focuses on broad and specific issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to support individuals and organisations in their fight against racism, with the aim of promoting a more equitable society, one that does not discriminate according to race, colour, appearance or other differences.  Read the reviews here.

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Dr Shungu Hilda M’gadzah


Dr Shungu M’gadzah is committed to working with families and organisations to foster greater inclusive practice and community engagement. She is the Director and Lead Clinical Psychologist offering mentoring, coaching, supervision and training to professionals, organisations and individuals.

Shungu qualified and worked as as a primary teacher at Goldsmiths College in 1987 before training at the Tavistock Clinic in 1990 to become an educational psychologist. 

Shungu's  career as an educational psychologist began in the London Borough of Hackney before moving onto the London Borough of Waltham Forest. She has worked with a wide range of schools within the private and public sector across all phases including local special schools for children with social emotional and mental health needs as well as private residential special schools nationwide. 

Shungu was seconded to the role of academic and professional tutor/senior educational psychologist at the University of East London teaching MSc in Educational Psychology trainees and undergraduate psychology students, and during that time she conducted research projects and set up a consultancy providing training to Local Authorities, Schools and other organisations. She acted as a national and international consultant and trainer in the areas of emotional intelligence and promoting greater equality and diversity.

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C. Tandi Kuwana


Tandi was born in Zimbabwe and  she is regarded as an outstanding member of the African community for her work in the mental health sector.

As a Nurse, with 15 years’ experience of working in various mental health settings.  She is passionate about addressing inequalities and disparities in health. She is a strong advocate for better services for communities from migrant backgrounds and ensuring workplaces align with their diversity and inclusion policies.

Within communities, she conducts mental health literacy programs for migrants and refugees, and has worked in partnership with The Smith Family, Palmerston, Ishar, Richmond Wellbeing and Palmerstone. 

In 2017 Tandi completed the African Leadership Initiative and presented at G200 Youth Summit in Dubai. In partnership with RootsTV, Tandi hosted the first ever WA Mental Health Film Festival in 2018. Tandi was appointed co-chair for the Recovery College Expert Panel by the West Australia Mental Health Commission and sits on the Federal Multicultural Mental Health Framework advisory group. She was awarded the 2019 WA African Community Champion Award by the Organisation of African Communities to acknowledge her work as a social changemaker in mental health. 


She is a recipient of the SANE Hocking Fellowship and she has published a report with recommendations on how mental health services can engage people from migrant communities. Central Queensland University awarded Tandi with an ASHOKA Scholarship and in 2020, Tandy was awarded an Alumni of year Award in recognition of her work on government boards namely the Multicultural Mental health framework and working as a multicultural mental health advisor to the Australian government. Tandi has been invited to be a panel member of many platforms to share her professional experience and personal experience. As an advisor Tandi, reviewed policies and advised organizations on practices and recommendations to ensure workplaces align with their diversity and inclusion benchmarks.


Tandi has experience developing and facilitating professional development cultural competence training for government organisations and  has developed mental health cultural safety training for health organisations. She is a sought after educator with experience of working in higher education institutions as a lecturer. She now works as an advanced clinical nurse practitioner  for the NHS and was appointed the vice chair for the BAME Network for the NHS. As an Honorary Research Assistant for Inclusion Psychologists Ltd, Tandi evaluates reports and trends for diversity and inclusion departments and facilitates the Six Stages Framework to understanding and dealing with everyday racism training. 


GDPR is implemented by the Inclusion Psychologists Ltd.  Inclusion Psychologists Limited provides quality psychological services and individuals will be asked to provide personal and sensitive information. We provide psychological services and cognitive assessments

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