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 Services Offered by Inclusion Psychologists


Psychological Assessments


* Forensic and fitness to plead
* Negligence claims
* EHCP &SEND Appeals


We offer a range of therapeutic interventions:
*Neurodiversity Counselling
*Solution Focused Therapy
*Family Therapy


We offer supervision, coaching and mentoring for applied psychologists and other professionals. Also offer supervision for mental health professionals working with diverse communities


Parenting classes for special educational needs

We offer support to parents in understanding and managing their children's special educational needs and behaviour. The focus is on providing positive behaviour management strategies and support. The aim is to support parent in reflecting on their parenting styles and identifying coping strategies and solutions which they can implement and then evaluate within a safe space.


Group and/or individual Supervision for psychologists and other professionals. The aim of the supervision is to explore day to day experiences at work and the impact of diversity and inclusion issues. The key focus is exploring in what ways do we discriminate? The sessions will enable you to identify the particular challenges you are faced with and identify strategies and solutions to use back in the work place. Individuals and groups will have an opportunity to explore issues around unconscious bias and white privilege in a safe and supportive environment. These sessions also use the Discrimination Inclusion Profiles from the six stages framework.


Six Stages Conceptual Framework for Understanding and Dealing with Racism and other discriminations: Bespoke training and programmes introducing the basic ideas behind the Conceptual Framework. Offering the right blend of support and challenge for individuals/organisations to understand and challenge racism. Participants will explore and identify some of the beliefs, values and behaviours individuals/organisations engage in their struggle to reformulate their views and challenge their own prejudices. 

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