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Black British Businesses & Service Providers

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

A. Check out this resource file by Dr Johanna Flack, white Clinical Psychologist.

"My black book of my favourite Black British businesses, service providers."

Delighted to see I have been named under personal recommendations!

Jo Flack is going to be updating this resource every month so do follow her on Linkedin and join in the conversation.

You can also find the resource list attached below:

Black British Businesses & Service Providers
Download PDF • 9.52MB

B. Free online Eventbrite seminars

It's been great seeing more educational psychologists (and clinical psychologists, guidance counselors, assistants and trainee EPs) at The Six Stages Framework Eventbrite seminars.

At the most recent seminar I was joined by a course tutor from one of the Doctorate training courses. Great conversations and exploring the issues faced by EPs in challenging everyday discriminations and racism.

Do join me if you can. Details and dates below

Also visit my websites where there are developmental matrices and resources to support you in your conversations with schools and others.

Black British Businesses & Service Providers
Download PDF • 9.52MB

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