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Conversations that make a difference: Community NarrativesChild Q & training for police and one man

"I’m in a hotel sipping coffee and two white guys in their 60's walk in and start playing snooker and we start talking about racism and some of our experiences."

This podcast and zoom involves me telling Penny Holding about this conversation and others.

Watch or listen to us as two psychologists reflecting on anti-racism and the work required in this area.

The conversation helps us reflect on individual experiences of being viewed as racist and how deep quality listening can provide the space for self-reflection allowing individuals to shift in their thinking.

In this short introduction clip Penny Holding and I reflect on the news of the need for antiracism work facing police forces and also on the recent experiences of black girls and adultification and strip searching.

Watch the full zoom clip where I talk to Penny Holding and we reflect on the work we need to do in this area. Available soon on You Tube.

Watch us reflect and ponder on these issues and some of ideas for the way forward.

Available also on podcast also:

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