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"Excellent stuff, Mamma Shungu: A picture paints a thousand words."

"A picture paints a thousand words."

I am so moved by this picture 🙏🏾

I sent the picture to a friend and ex principal educational psychologist.

He wrote back:

"Excellent stuff, Mamma Shungu😍. This, ultimately, is what it's all about😊"

He then sent me another message saying,

"This is a mere celebratory bonus😃. There's a lot more to that picture. A picture paints a thousand words,







Multi-level Leadership





As I read through his list it reminded me of the student leader's panel chaired by Alysia-Lara Ayonrinde. The panel embodied all of the above- confident young Black students and their peers all working as team in the area of diversity equity and inclusion.

This is why I do what I do. It was such an honour and a privilege to be invited to Christ's Hospital School.

To have the students pick up my book, look through it, buy and then bring it over for me to sign. Please sign this to our boarding house, Thornton A, Middleton B.

It's wonderful when adults choose my book and tell me how it resonates with them. It's a whole other level when young people choose my book and understand why doing this work around understanding biases and differences is so important. It certainly gives one hope for the future.

What gives you pause for thought and hope in the work you are doing (in diversity and inclusion) in your community, school or workplace?

These young people are so lucky to have teachers who are open, emotionally and culturally intelligent enough to open the doors for these conversations. To have teachers who recognise the importance of giving students tools to better navigate challenges and work towards successful outcomes, including those of inclusion and belonging.

Thank you Christ's Hospital School for giving me the opportunity to share my book at your Open day.

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