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Learning to pick yourself up and start over

Sometimes we have to stop, start over and BELIEVE in a better tomorrow. That better tomorrow may mean deciding if the current situation is the best one for you.

Sometimes you have to tell yourself that you deserve so much more than this. And to take that LEAP OF FAITH.

Scary? yes it is but sometimes we have to weigh up the pros and cons and above all we need to consider our mental health.

The ability to start over requires LETTING GO of the baggage that drags you down, the people who want to see you fail and fall.

It also requires SELF FORGIVENESS for not getting it right the first or second time and above all it requires believing that it will all be okay- recognising that you are better than this and you will make it no matter what.

We all need to be able to take a deep breath and START OVER when we have to. To REINVENT ourselves when we have to, especially when we find ourselves in systems that discriminate and have no space for us.

YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS and you do not have to put up with discrimination and racism.

Reach out for a conversation if this speaks to you.

I offer anti-discrimination coaching and support.

I also offer strategic support for coping with discrimination and racism in the workplace.  How to stay and navigate the behaviours around you or how to leave and start afresh.

I also work with you  to reinvent yourself and maximise on your strengths and find that next step and next job.

The Six Stages Framework tool kit supports these conversations:

- Prejudice racism spectrum

- Building Bridges of Empathy

- Prejudiceracismtracker

Check out my book: Understanding and Dealing with Racism- The Six Stages Framework.

Check out my article: If racism was a virus….

Check out my free seminars on Eventbrite

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