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Let’s Talk About Everyday Discriminations and Behaviours.

Today, I'm hosting Understanding and Dealing with Everyday Discriminations and Behaviours. Would you like to attend?

I will be discussing the stages of the SIX STAGES FRAMEWORK from my new book. For a summary of the stages visit my website.

The Six Stages Framework offers a language to talk about spectrum of discriminations. This includes violent acts on the negative dimensions of the Six Stages where people spiral out of control into bad, and destructive behaviours culminating at stage -6 which some may refer to as extreme and violent behaviours.

Whilst the Six Stages framework was originally formulated with racism and racial injustice in mind, it can be adapted to other forms of discriminations such as gender, disability or LGBTQ and also to other extreme acts such as violence towards women or violent killings like we have just seen in Uvalde and Buffalo.

Sometimes we fail to see the signs and symptoms of behaviours spiralling down the negative axis of the Six Stages Framework whether that be as it applies to racism or to other forms of discriminations including violence. Is this because we don’t have the language to think about these issues or because we just don’t like to think about behaviours.

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