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Personal Development Antiracism and Anti-discrimination Training

What stage are you in your understanding and ability to deal with different forms of discrimination and racism?

What steps are you taking in terms of personal development?

Come and learn about the Six Stages Conceptual Framework Diversity Assessments. 

The Six Stages Framework diversity assessments are designed to support individuals and professionals (e.g. Psychologists, EDI consultants etc) to move from unconscious bias training to actually working with individuals to better understand and put in place interventions and strategies to support them to move to the next stage of development.

The truth is we are all at different stages of our journey in terms of our understanding and ability to deal with racism and other forms of discrimination. You may be more advanced in your understanding gender discrimination and I may be more advanced in my understanding of LGBTQ issues.

 Where are you in your journey? How can you be supported to progress in your journey? 

When considering different protected characteristics and discrimination we all have to do the work. No one is immune from biased thinking. The key is recognising it and challenging it.

Take for example Mike described below. Mike is at Stage +1 of the Six Stages Framework in terms of his understanding and ability to deal with racism..

Stage +1: Unaware with Silence and Denial

Character: Mike

Mike, a 25-year-old, grew up in a small town with limited racial diversity. Race-related discussions were rare, and Mike believed that issues of racial injustice were exaggerated. Whenever confronted with conversations about racism, he tended to stay silent or deny the existence of such problems, claiming that he treated everyone equally or that he didn't see colour.

Do you know someone like Mike or are you yourself like Mike.

Join me to explore your

inclusion profile and learn more about how you can develop in you journey.

Contact me if you want to take one of our diversity assessments and obtain an Inclusion Profile with support on how to develop further.

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