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Six Stages for Understanding and Dealing with Racism

The Six Stages Outlined
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Six stages of dealing with and challenging racism: initial thoughts on an anti racism framework designed to support individuals and teams in identifying where they are on their journey.

These stages remind me of stages of grief and loss- almost requiring a willingness to explore one's position of power which requires an acceptance and recognition of one's (white) privilege relative to another and a willingness to take action.

I believe my thoughts link with some of ideas in the video shared in the next post by#raceclassacademy, "Watch out for strategic racism: increasingly used by the "political right" and others who call you a racist for calling out racism."

In exploring anti-racism strategies it is important to be able to identify some of the behaviours people engage in and to appreciate that we are all at different stages in our journey towards understanding and dealing with racism and promoting an anti-racist agenda. It is important to recognise that racism is not just about white people being racist to black people, it exists at different levels between different ethnic groups.

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