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Supporting Individuals and Organisations in their Journey Towards Anti-racist Development

Using Structured Conversations and Frameworks.

So why do I spend hours doing this work?

I consider it my responsibility to bring change into this world. We all have a responsibility to help change narratives and to leave the world in a better place than when we entered it.

So, what stops us getting on board the anti-racism train. The truth is for some of us it’s fear. We have been led to believe that it’s best to keep silent when issues around race are being discussed.

The Six Stages Framework approaches anti racism work from an individual personal development approach and also from an organisational/ systemic perspective. And just to be clear personal development does not mean that it’s not pertinent to professional development. It’s critical work we all need to do, it impacts on our work, emotional wellbeing and effects the outcomes of our clients. More importantly if you’re working with children and families it’s even more critical.

So, What Are The Six Stages?

I have described the Six Stages in previous blogs and presentations. Visit our website for more information.

Consultancy work with Organisations

I have been working with many organisations in this area and recently I’ve been getting more and more requests for my involvement, organisations are interested in the Six Stages Framework. I am often told that this is not the first time the organisation has actually had people coming in to do some training or coaching. Often attempts have been made to carry out training internally and often things have gone wrong. As a result, employers have become unhappy and polarised and are refusing to have these conversations. Organisations tell me that they need help and it’s often immediately clear that they need to create safe spaces to hold these conversations and to rebuild trust.

The Prejudice Racism Equity Spectrum

Identifying where individuals and organisations are on a spectrum allows for the opening up of conversations to explore values, beliefs and behaviours and ultimately to promote change. This work can be done in schools, universities; in the workplace through supervision, mentoring and coaching. The Six Stages framework and the prejudice/ racism spectrum if used sensitively as a learning tool enables us to reduce defensiveness. It becomes a tool for everyone to use and allows assessment and monitoring with goal setting in an open way. It allows for genuine conversations where individuals are supported to listen and explore where they are on the spectrum or on the framework and to understand the reasons why.

Download the PRE Spectrum from our website

The Six Stages Framework can be used with everyone e.g., those who are seeking to develop their understanding of differences and those who are experiencing discrimination and racism. The work allows the opening up of conversations drawing from an individual’s behaviours, experiences and considering these alongside their beliefs, attitudes and interpretations of events. The work requires the use of assessments and formulations by consultants who understand the Framework, conducting the assessments and feedbacking as well as setting goals and monitoring progress.

Findings from the diversity assessments are presented in the form of a visual radar chart shown below.

The Radar Visual Reports

Upon completing of the assessment- the data is interpreted, and radar visual reports prepared. Each assessment is analysed into 6-8 radar presentations/ characteristics.

More detailed reports are available upon request. The assessment relies upon triangulation of data from self- report measures as well as semi- structured interviews and data collation by Psychologists, DEI consultants or Teachers.

The Six Stages Framework Developmental Matrix for Personal Development

The Six Stages Framework is used alongside supporting developmental matrices. There are matrices for individuals and also for organisations.

The Six Stages Framework Developmental Matrix for Organisations

Where are you as an Organisation or Board in your Journey towards Understanding and Dealing with Racism? Check out this developmental matrix to help you decide.

Steps towards becoming an anti-racist organisation.

How do you know how well you are doing?

This developmental matrix helps you locate your progress.

Check out my book for more information

Visit our website for more information

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How might you use it in your personal development and in your organisation or board?

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