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The Prejudice Racism Spectrum

Updated: May 6, 2023

I published the original version of the racism spectrum in my book. It maps out some of the behaviours we need to work on to achieve change. Any form of racism on the spectrum should be challenged. The impact is devastating on individuals whether it be low-key or high key racism. The Racism Spectrum is designed to help people identify problematic behaviours they see or experience as a way into talking about them. The Racism Spectrum can be adapted to other isms and personal characteristics and maladaptive behaviours. I know some people are already using the Racism Spectrum to support them discuss and to call out racist behaviours. I’ve also seen versions of the racism spectrum and the six stages framework appearing on other websites and in training materials. I was recently sent a version of the Six Stages Framework scale being used in DEI management training. I’m happy for people to use the Six Stages Framework toolkit but please remember to reference the source. © Inclusion Psychologists Limited Check out my book:

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