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Words & Silence-When our Biases turn to Anger, Hate, Discrimination & War. Is it time to speak up?

Updated: Jan 13

Visions of Peace: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Written on 31st October 2023

Whether we’re talking about the classroom, workplace, communities or war

Biases can quickly turn into discrimination, hate and anger

Spiralling down the negative axis of the Six Stages Framework

Words are empty and meaningless when nothing changes

Words are meaningless, if people continue to suffer or to die

Words give power, if we do not challenge the people who are doing wrong even if these are people who have been victims in the past.

It is possible to be both a victim and a perpetrator. Lenses can become distorted and we need others to help correct them.

From classrooms, toxic workplaces to killing fields.

When innocent people suffer or die, we need to find our words regardless of who the perpetrator is or who is pulling the trigger.

Our silence can speak volumes, even if we do not utter words.

What power are you giving to the people and words being spoken around you? Not speaking up or talking does not mean you’re not taking a side.

It does not mean innocent people will not continue to suffer or die. It does not mean that disparities in outcomes do not exist. It does not mean that we do not work in systems that discriminate and can be complicit.

[Maybe AI will expose human biases and discriminations! Succeeding where humans have failed].

It does not mean history will not judge us all in the end. Whether we have spoken up, or whether we have remained silent.

Politicians and senior leaders, your Clever Words, Rhetoric and Justifications in the end, will not amount to much

Bystanders, It’s time to Speak Up and to callout biases and hate; to stop the hate, discrimination and to stop, the suffering of innocent people.

Don’t let your silence speak louder than your words. Whether you speak up or whether you’re silent, history will judge your actions.

What lessons are we teaching our children. And what hate-fuel are we feeding to future generations with our actions, silence and justifications.

In the end, history will judge us for our actions, inactions and also our silence.

If we cannot show Empathy and an ability to understand the pain and suffering of those who are different, we will only appreciate their suffering when positions are reversed.- something history has a habit of doing.

Hate simply becomes ingrained in the DNA of future generations by our examples and by our silence.

Hope Springs Eternal when enough of us have the courage it takes to speak up and Stop The Hate, discrimination and war.

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