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Businesses, Local Authorities, Schools, NHS Trusts, Parents & Charities


Some examples of current work and projects




* Forensic and fitness to plead

* Negligence claims

* EHCP &SEND Appeals

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We offer a range of therapeutic interventions:






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Currently offering supervision, coaching and mentoring for applied psychologists. Also offer supervision for mental health professionals working with diverse communities

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The Six Stages Conceptual Framework for Dealing with and Understanding Racism.


We offer bespoke diversity and inclusion training using our Six Stages conceptual framework.

Introducing the Six Stages Conceptual Framework for Understanding and Dealing with Racism.  Offering the right blend of support and challenge for individuals/organisations to understand and challenge racism. The training supports participants to explore and identify some of the beliefs, values and behaviours individuals/organisations engage in their struggle to reformulate their views and challenge their own prejudices.


Working in a safe and secure environment individuals  identify where they are in terms of their understanding and response to racism. The sessions are ideal for teams and provide the opportunity to share some of the challenges faced in a safe and secure group environment.

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The Six Stages Framework

Feedback from those who have attended whole day training on the Six Stages is as follows:

*Uncomfortable, challenging and excellent!

*Loved the training and the framework

*Terrific! * I have a framework to use when having conversations on race and will approach these in a different way.

 *Can't stop thinking about yesterday's brilliant training session with Dr M'gadzah  @Inclusionpsychs * I haven't felt this excited / passionate about a piece of CPD for some time 
Building Bridges of Empathy


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Psychologists on Boards Article 

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Glass Buildings

Diversity and Inclusion in the Boardroom – Video Course.


A practical interactive video course for Chairs and Board members.


If you are wondering how you can promote diversity and inclusion on your Board then the Diversity and Inclusion in theBoardroom 1-day interactive video course will provide you with an essential overview of what is involved together with practical steps that can be taken to help you to achieve a more diverse and inclusive board.


This course is aimed at Chairs and Board members in the private, public and voluntary sectors including NHS Trusts, Social Enterprises, Local Authorities, School and College Governors and Charity Trustees looking to reflect on the impact of current issues on racial equity and working in order to promote diversity and inclusion on their boards and in their organisations.

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