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Embedding EDI Supervision Models for Applied psychologists

Delighted to finally be getting this project off the ground. Many thanks to Dr Ama Collison, Educational Psychologist and Dr Jo Flack, Clinical Psychologist for sharing in my vision for psychologists.

I have delivered DEI/EDI training for many Local Authorities, Educational psychology teams and NHS teams. The resounding message has been we need more support in this area. We need supervision and scripts for how to manage these difficult conversations around racism and discrimination.

"At the heart of the Six Stages Framework is a psychological tool that is designed to assess where individual people and whole organisations are in their journey towards understanding and dealing with the issues surrounding racial equity, inclusion and racism. "

"The Six Stages Framework recognises the importance of tackling broader issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion – not just in the area of racial equity and diversity, but also related to other areas such as cultural, gender, disability and sexual orientation. It explores the importance of understanding issues of identity and intersectionality and the key barriers that exist in terms of inclusion."

The Six Stages Framework has been recognised by many as a sound psychological tool and framework for supporting individuals and professionals including psychologists.

Yesterday, I delivered a keynote presentation for Coram IAC where I introduced the Six Stages Framework and here are some of the comments:

💡 "This is a great framework that I can imagine using in lots of areas of practice and supervision- thank you very much for going through its implementation

👏 Thanks Shungu, great presentation!

🔥 Excellent presentation and framework - thank you so much!

🙏 Thank you Dr Shungu, very concise and helpful.

👏🏾👏🏾Wow! This a such an amazing model that feels accessible we will use as model for IAC. Thank you what a start to our day!

❗ Amazing and very thought provoking presentation. Thank you.

❗ Amazing presentation, really eye opening.

🔥 Excellent and inspiring presentation - A model we can use in Adoption support. Thank you Dr Shungu.

The Six Stages Framework is designed as a golden thread running through organisational functions, systems and processes- from recruitment and hiring to supervision and appraisal, policies and practice, training and development and succession planning and retention.

The Six Stages Framework is being rolled out in schools and University students are using it in applied research.

Whilst this training is aimed at applied psychologists we will be putting on other supervision webinars and courses for other professional groups. More posts to follow.

Hope you can join us for this webinar and also for the course.

Challenging discrimination and racism is everyone's responsibility and especially professionals such as psychologists.

Come and find out more about the requirements are for psychologists in this area.

To book a place follow the links:



pdf Final Dr Shungu M'gadzah- Coram 2nd October 2023 Six Stages Framework SHM
Download PDF • 5.38MB

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