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Updated: Apr 24

How can we better understand differences and foster belonging, inclusion and racial justice in an ever changing and conflicted world? 

Have you ever wondered what positive change would come about if leaders in implementing equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives from different professional sectors, came together in focused conversation?

Inclusion Psychologists Ltd, Millennial Psychology Ltd and Diversify World invite you to a day of thought-provoking discussions and networking. (See details of organisers below.)

Following on from the huge success of the EDI Roundtable 2023, please join us for  what promises to be another thought provoking and inspiring day. 

Tickets are now on sale. Join us for our Annual trailblazing event!

Be part of the discussion on how we can support diversity and inclusion in meaningful ways, in our workplaces and broader society.

Event Highlights:

  • Panel discussions featuring EDI experts representing a wide range of professions.

  • Keynote speakers.

  • Interactive workshops on fostering inclusive workplaces.

  • Networking opportunities with like-minded individuals.

  • Q&A sessions to engage with speakers and panelists.

  • EDI marketplace.

Read what attendees said about the EDI round table event 2023. (see attachment below)

Date: Friday, June 28th 2024.

Venue: St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Tickets: £30.00. (Includes tea, coffee & networking lunch.)

Arrival: 9.00am - tea & coffee.

Event: 9.30 - 4.30pm.



  • Keynote Speaker 1 - Opening address (details TBC). 

  • EDI Roundtable with diverse cross-functional professionals.

  • Audience Q & A. 

  • Networking lunch.


  • Keynote speaker 2 - Keynote address from Dr M’gadzah on The Six Stages Framework: Understanding and Dealing with Everyday Racism (2022). The focus is on belonging, inclusion and racial justice in an ever changing world. Dr Shungu will introduce the SSF and toolkits as well as exploring the use of the SSF as a research tool.

  • Workshops exploring the implementation of the Six Stages Framework into Corporate Organisations, Schools, Health Services and Higher Education. 

Market Stalls: We also have space for market stalls at a cost of £100. If you know organisations who may be interested, please let us know.

Sponsors and donations:

We currently have sponsorship from - Inclusiviti.

Aduke Onafowokan

In terms of sponsorship, we are looking for any contribution to costs. If you’re taking a stand or showing leadership in EDI and emotional intelligence in your professional field and would like to sponsor this event, please get in touch.

Any help in publicising the event would be appreciated as well as any donations or sponsors!

Contact us: 

Organisers Dr Shungu H. M'gadzah, Six Stages Framework Dr Ama Collison: Millennial Psychology Romain Muhammad: Diversify World


St Martin-in-the-Fields: Take a 3D tour of our venue here:


“A police commissioner, an ESG/DEI expert, an educator, a general counsel, a historian/disability specialist and the Chair of Royal Academy of Dramatic Art walk into a member's club sounds like the modern version of "an X, Y and a Z walk into a bar" joke. In fact, it was the lineup of an amazing panel ……” Anyi Hobson - Founder of SEAM Advisory.

“So much to process and reflect on from our event yesterday! It was a huge success, people describing it as “a game changing event” with unique collaborative perspectives from professionals from so many sectors, including the police, law, medicine, education, finance, business, academia and media.”  Dr Ama Collison - Director of Millennial Psychology Ltd.

On Monday I attended 'Exploring Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Through Different Professional Lenses' event. From start to finish the event was packed full of wonderful insights and rich conversation. Highlights for me include the opening keynote from Afua Hirsch and a presentation from Dr Shungu Hilda M'gadzah who shared her Six Stages Framework for understanding everyday discrimination, prejudice and bias..…” Monica Mwanje - Consultant to the Nuclear & Regulated sectors. 

“I was delighted to attend and be part of an incredible panel yesterday, discussing the demand for disaggregated data in policy spheres; reporting on pay gaps (disability, ethnicity, gender) and the need for intersectional analysis (for example, how classism and socio-economic backgrounds intersect as well as asking for data linked to the experiences of disabled women of colour); as well as highlighting the additional costs that disabled people face to live ……” Kirstie Stage - PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge.

Reflecting on an enriching day at ‘The Vision of a More Inclusive Future’ event where thought leaders converged to explore vital facets of societal equity and unity hosted by the amazing Dr Ama Collison and Dr M’gadzah. The opening discussion between Dr Ama Collison and Afua Hirsch, renowned writer and filmmaker, set the stage for an insightful discussion on culture, identity, and social justice, and an incredible day of insightful learning……

Anju Sima - Fintech Sales Professional I Consulting and Strategy I Delivering Innovative Technology Solutions I Behavioural Change Specialist I Team Leader, Mentor and Coach 

An inspirational morning yesterday, spent exploring Equality, Diversity and Inclusion through different professional lenses. Thank you Dr Ama Collison and Dr Shungu Hilda M'gadzah for bringing together professionals who gave insight from the perspectives of the legal system…” Anna Straughan - Director Employee Work Experience WTW.

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