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I am introducing a confidential coaching service which offers the following:

A) Opportunity to explore your biases and discriminations with an expert

B) Opportunity to reflect on any discriminations (including racism) you may be experiencing within the community or workplace?

A. Explore your Biases & Discriminations: The Prejudice, Racism & Equity Spectrum

Are you ready to do the work?

Are you ready to transform your understanding and ability to deal with racism and other biases you may have?

I offer one-to-one coaching for individuals as well as coaching and training for teams. This consultation/coaching helpline enables you to call and receive some support to discuss any issues related to diversity equity and inclusion including racism and discriminations.

This work is not just for white people it’s for everyone and it will support you to explore your biases and discriminations. I can help you take a lens to your biases and to reflect on how deep you are in any “caves of privilege” in terms of each bias. I will help you explore where you are in your ability to understand and deal with different groups such as people with disability, LGBTQ, Gender issues etc.

Do you feel uncomfortable working with people who are different? Are you scared of black people? I regularly have people contacting me and sharing their discomfort at working with people who are different, and the feelings and emotions related to this. Recently someone told me that their daughter does not like people with dark skin. They asked me if I could help them?

Someone else informed me that they get startled when black men walk behind them in the supermarket.

If you wish to work on your personal development in this area, I’m here to help you understand your biases and discriminations and what you can do about them. Explore how your biases and discriminations can hold you back in your career and personal relationships.

The Six Stages Framework offers an intersectional approach to understanding biases and discriminations.

Tell me your story and work with me to understand where you are in your journey towards understanding and dealing with differences. Where do your discriminations and biases show up?

We will use my recently published book as a text for exploring some of the issues and themes which affect you and your interactions with others.

I will help you work out what you need to do next and what action to take to support your development in this area.

We all need to do the work, so when are you going to start your work in this area?

This approach helps you not only to understand where you are in your journey but also to understand where others are too. You will be able to see where your organisation is as well as other people you know.

You’ll be able to spot the signs and symptoms of behaviours which are on the negative axis of the Six Stages Framework and consider action plans required to support behaviours from spiralling out of control.

B. Are you experiencing discrimination or racism within the community or workplace?

I often have people contacting me for advice about the discriminations and racism they are experiencing in the community or in the workplace. Some say they have difficulty self- regulating when talking about biases and discriminations which has the effect of stopping people listening.

I had a teacher contact me to seek advice when her head teacher had promoted three of her white colleagues to positions of Assistant Headteacher without advertising the posts. She was so upset she was considering leaving her job.

Another parent called me to discuss how her son was being racially bullied at football training by his white coach.

Does any of this sound familiar? Is this you? I am here to support you in dealing with biases and discriminations you may face in the community or in the workplace.

Contact me on the Consultation Helpline, the link is below.

I also offer this service via zoom at a reduced /free cost for individuals who are not working.

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