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During my DEI coaching and therapy sessions its become clear that individuals need support in identifying and talking about discriminatory and racist behaviours.

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Many of my clients have talked about the lack of support from #Unions in helping them collate the evidence for their claims and provide examples of how racism (or other discriminatory behaviours) were manifesting in the work place.

So I have been working on a #PrejudiceRacismTracker. This is designed as a tool to help individuals to keep track of their experiences within the workplace.

It is not designed to be used everyday in a rigid prescriptive way but to enable an individual to collate their treatment within the workplace.

Recently one of my clients who I have been supporting following her experience of racism within the work place lodged a grievance in her work place. At the grievance hearing she was asked to describe the behaviours she had experienced within the work place. Because she had been using the Prejudice Racism Spectrum she was able to describe her experiences and how the behaviour manifested around her. She fed back to me how useful this had been as it allowed her to speak confidently about her experiences.

We need to learn to recognise the 🚦 signs and symptoms 🚥 of how discrimination and racism manifests

We need to be able to recognise, understand and challenge different forms of discrimination.

Discriminatory behaviours can range “between something as simple as a facial expression and and as violent as an assault.”

The Prejudice Racism Spectrum helps you to identify discriminatory behaviours so that you can call them out and challenge them. It allows you to do keep the door open for discussion and not to cancel the person #cancelculture.

💡 From low key discriminatory and racist behaviours to high key behaviours.

Any form of racist behaviour should be challenged. The impact is devastating on individuals whether it be low-key or high key racism.

The Prejudice Racism Tracker enables you to monitor and track these behaviours.

It’s only by being able to recognise the behaviours that we can begin to challenge them.

Let me know what you think of the tracker and especially if you get a chance to use it.

How can this tool be improved?

[ps. please respect intellectual property and credit to source].

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