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Updated: May 20, 2023

Understanding your Spectrum of Fear and how this changes depending on where you are and who you are with.

Do police need training in assessing threat and in deescalation?

95-year-old grandmother tasered by police in Australia. Frail & using a walking frame she advanced slowly towards the police with a knife. So how did they respond they tasered her!

Simply outrageous! It does however shed a light on the way black men are being killed on the streets. If the police can feel threatened by a frail 95-yr-old white woman with walking frame then how much more of a threat do they perceive black men? #SixStagesFramework #SpectrumOfFear #black

Why is it that people see threat where threat does not exist? #Psychology #adultification

What is your fear level of different people. What are your biases? Do you see threat where none exists?

Use the Six Stages Framework to map out your biases and how this impacts on your spectrum of fear.

Consider different ethnic groups and people with different characteristics does your positioning on the Spectrum change?

Prejudice and biases cause use to see a threat where none exists. Our reality becomes distorted and we want to escape to our "Caves of Privelege."

Are you more likely to cross the road when you see a certain type of person? Or to choose to sit in a different place when someone with a certain characteristic sits next to you?

Are there certain ethnic groups you would not have in your home or people with certain characteristics? How does your behaviour change when you are around these people?

Does your breathing change, do you become emotionally disregulated? Do your lenses become distorted? Do you start to see a threat where none exists.

What does your Spectrum of Fear look like?

If you're in a school or an organisation what does the organisational Spectrum of Fear look like?

What are you doing to challenge your fears?

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